The Computational Optimization Methods (COMET) Lab at KAIST seeks new students to join the group. The research in the COMET Lab focuses on advancing computational methods and optimization algorithms arising in various applications, mainly in urban mobility and logistics systems.

The main research interests are at the intersection of the three areas of Transportation, Optimization, and Computation, as illustrated below:

Changhyun Kwon 2021

Please check the research page for publications.

Students are expected to have interests in studying mathematical optimization theories, devising computational methods, and developing efficient computer codes using Python, Julia, and C/C++. Relevant subjects are:

  • linear programming
  • convex optimization
  • integer programming
  • networks
  • mathematical analysis
  • numerical analysis
  • reinforcement learning
  • game theory
  • algorithm
  • data structure

The current research objectives of the COMET Lab are:

  • To discover exact optimal solutions to large-scale combinatorial optimization problems by integrating machine learning and mathematical optimization methods
  • To enable real-time computing for urban transportation system operations by devising machine-learning-assisted metaheuristic algorithms
  • To improve the efficiency of current and future mobility service operations and provide computational tools

This paper and this paper are good starting points.

Interested students are encouraged to contact Dr. Changhyun Kwon at chkwon (at) with CV, transcripts, and sample codes (or GitHub account).