Julia Packages

Dr. Kwon wrote some packages for the Julia Language. If you need some introductions to Julia, read this page.

  • RobustShortestPath.jl - This package finds robust shortest paths.
  • TrafficAssignment.jl - This package finds traffic equilibrium.
  • PathDistribution.jl - This package estimates the number of paths and the path-length distribution using a Monte-Carlo simulation as well as explicitly enumerate all paths.
  • VariationalInequality.jl - This package implements algorithms for solving finite-dimensional variational inequality (VI) problems.
  • Complementarity.jl - This package provides a modeling language for Complementarity Problems via JuMP and a solution via the PATH Solver. This package also provides an extension to JuMP to model mathematical programs with equilibrium constraints (MPEC) and solve it using a nonlinear optimization solver.
  • Concorde.jl - Julia interface for the TSP Concorde Solver.
  • LKH.jl - Julia interfafce for the Lin-Kernighan-Held (LKH) solver for TSP.



Here are some computer help documents that may be useful for graduate students.